SMT / SMP to Hide scar and old plugs



for a BOLD new look

New Hair Institute Medical Group


This is a Norwood 6 patient who had the pluggy hair transplant from the 1990′s at a clinic in Europe.  He wanted to shave his head but the old hair transplant donor scar and the visible plugs were a problem for him.  The before and after pictures show a work in progress not a completed job.

This patient chose a combination of (1) SMT / SMP to camouflage his old scar and (2) have us  remove his old plugs. The hairs that were in the plugs were redistributed into the crown.  We also performed a few hundred FUE grafts taken from the donor area and used them on the top of the scalp as well.  As he does not live in the United States, he will return at his convenience on another visit for the needed touch ups.   He will likely go on to cover his entire head with SMT/SMP.  He may also undergo more FUE grafting into a frontal hairline which will make it appear even more natural.

At this point (as of March 2011) this patient was very satisfied with removing his old plugs  with FUE and SMT/SMP to scar.  He can stop here, if he chooses.  The after photos show the temporary redness common just after surgery.  We will keep you posted when he returns to the US. (see his comments below)

...”I got a hair transplant in Scandinavia back in the early nineties with strip method. The doctor who carried out the hair transplant was unprofessional and unexperienced and I was young and stupid , therefore I have been forced to use hat for many years. I searched on the net for the best Hair Transplant doctor and found Dr. Rassmann & Dr. Pak

I have lived with the doll hair until I found Dr. Rassmann & Dr. Pak on the internet. I met the doctors in LA and after the meeting I had no doubt that I finally found it a great place that not only thinking about the money ..but the patient

Dr. Pak made the surgery on me. He is very professional and made a perfect job and gave me my self-confidence back.

many thanks”