SMT / SMP with hair transplant & scar



for a BOLD new look

New Hair Institute Medical Group


SMT or SMP can also be great for those who had a bad hair transplant. Patient SYZ regrets having had a hair transplant. He came to the conclusion that he wanted the freedom that a shaved look would give him, but the huge ‘smiley’ scar on the back of his head from a hair transplant surgery excluded that choice. When he found out about the option of treating the scar and the areas of his head that were still thin, he became excited about his prospects to get that shaved look he wanted. Once he underwent the Scalp Micro Tattoo or Scalp MicroPigmention treatment, his was able to shave his head and keep it shaved. The pigment enhanced his hair line to give it a consistent color and appearance. It took three sessions to achieve the shade shown in these photographs. Each session made the treated area darker and in this way, he controlled the shade until he got what he wanted. The scar from his transplants were well hidden by the pigments that were placed.